Chapter 22

* * * * * * * * * *

One of the things about moving to the South is that everything's new. Which means that everything has been built by new people. New people who have never been educated in classics and culture.

Which means that every park and "development" has a name, and the names are just hysterically pretentious and tasteless. Because the people who named them grew up in a culture and an educational system that is historyless. And, above all, hysterically pretentious and tasteless. People who have no cultural education.

These are actual names of subdivisions and apartment houses in the Durham, North Carolina area:

Barclay Manor
Carlton Pointe
Carriage Run
Charleston Homes at Alexander Place
Chase I Williamsburg Manor
Drayton Reserve
East Glendower Place
Estates at Bartons Creek
Lambshire Downs
Laurdane Estates
McCrimmon at the Park
Olde Creekmoor
Pennington Trace
Pleasant Valley Promenade
Pointe at Falls Lake
Sheffield Manor
Sloans Garden Lane
Tadlock Landings

...and that's only a fraction of my list, and my list is only a fraction of the Hillbilly infractions that are out there.