Chapter 22

* * * * * * * * * *

Here's another thing about sexbots. When they become common, even before they become common, the sounds entering their ears and the images entering their eyes will be available to anyone on the web. Maybe even their tactile sensations, after that technology gets developed well enough and receiving transducers are developed.

Whether you want it or not. Hackers, you know.

This might be a new form of porn--the hacked experiences of people's sexbots. It'll certainly be a tool for malevolent shamers and business/political opponents.

On the other hand, it might motivate the poor people who have to rely on sexbots to become really good at lovemaking. After all, the world will be watching.

Universities being the way that they are, they will probably have sexbot labs and courses on lovemaking techniques.

And of course when the transmission format for that is established we will be able to purchase virtual sex with very talented people, without the complications and mess of actually arranging to be in their presence. You will be able to load the mannerisms of the real partner of your choice into your sexbot.