Chapter 22

* * * * * * * * * *

At this writing, the USA has over 321 million people in it.

Our of this 321 million, one mentally ill guy shoots up a black church because he doesn't like black people. The guy wasn't just one of a million. He was one in 321 million. Three hundred twenty-one million people. And this one guy.

And the whole country bursts into flames.

Professional complainers are roaring that this one incident proves that race relations in America haven't improved since 1930. And most crazily, because the Rebel Flag was in some pictures of the shooter, the flag was immediately and completely censored out of existence and erased from history, all across the country. A hundred and fifty years of American History -- poof.

Even books describing the history disappeared from Amazon. Imagine that! Remember when book-burning was considered a bad thing?

And of course, the media, especially the racists at NPR who love to stir the racial pot, step up their moaning and weeping about the sad state of the poor black people in America.

Because of one incident, one day, from one mentally ill person. Out of 321 million people, each of whom will live about 28800 days. Which is over 4 quadrillion person-days.

The good news is that any person with any intelligence at all would immediately recognize the public reaction as totally inappropriate, totally nuts, and totally wrong. One mentally ill person is not representative of anything.

The bad news is that there apparently aren't any people with any intelligence at all.