Chapter 22

* * * * * * * * * *

Listen, girls:

If you have a serious, committed relationship with a guy, and he won't go to the church and put a ring on your finger, you're in a category.

And that category is, "Until Something Better Comes Along".

I know two women in that situation, and they are mature women in stable situations, and they are extremely nice personalities, and by the way both of them are seriously hot. Maybe they just know that there ain't never gonna be anything better coming along.

But it seems like a demeaning position for a girl to be in. And an unmanly position for their men to be in.


But on the high end, maybe it's a status symbol for the woman. In the first place, it does demonstrate her confidence that there ain't never going to be anything better than she. And secondly, it puts the guy on notice that he could disappear at the woman's whim, so he'd better behave.

Of course this wouldn't work for ordinary women. You'd have to be a pretty special dame to pull this off.