Chapter 22

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I recently read about a survey that was done, concerning people's political views. A bunch of people were given tests to see where they fell on the conservative-liberal spectrum. Are they conservative or liberal?

After each respondent was identified, they were retested -- but they were told to give answers that were the opposite of what they believed. To pretend that they were on the other side.

There was a distinct result. The people who were identified as conservatives gave answers that were moderate and reasonable liberal positions. When the people who were identified as liberal pretended to be conservatives, they gave answers that were extreme, hateful, and crazy.

Which demonstrates, of course, that liberals are extreme, hateful, and crazy.


One of the best quotes that I've heard is "People who criticize me aren't criticizing me, they're criticizing a caricature of me that they have in their own minds". This study verifies that idea pretty strongly, and the study suggests that the liberals are the real offenders.

Conservatives are generally pretty tolerant. After all, they do believe in freedom. Liberals are pretty intolerant, as the survey reveals. They see anyone who disagrees with them as extreme, hateful, and crazy.

This is not new information. I observed way back in my teens that traditional people were more accepting of people's quirks than the fashionable liberals of the time were.

The dating site,, has loads of information on people's likes, dislikes, and tendencies. They have to -- that's the business that they are in, to find compatible people and bring them together. They probably have more data on this than anyone. And they too have said that conservative applicants are generally more broadly accepting than liberal ones, who are pretty narrow in what they'll accept.