Chapter 23

* * * * * * * * * *

There should be catalogs of templates for human beings that autistic people can use in order to adopt a socially-compatible persona.


In the hippie days, the misfits of society were accusing the normal people in society of being "phony". They didn't realize that normal people were born normal, live normally, and are just normally normal, and they don't think about it at all.

On the other hand....

If you're an autistic or just socially incompatible, you need to be a phony -- a benevolent artifice, but not your real self -- in order to function. If you demanded to be "authentic", and you were autistic or had destructive natural brain stem impulses, it wouldn't work out well.

Consequently, if you know so little about acting normally that you have to do it consciously and deliberately (as I do), you'd be helped by a few prefabricated model personalities to adopt as your public self. You might not have the knowledge to come up with a model yourself. You might have to have a template to follow.

We should deliberately and actively construct positive models for young people. I suspect that a lot of kids who just don't know how to act should be presented with a model personality, and told, "Act like him". A template. A model.

If we don't provide unfortunate young people with honorable behavioral models, they'll go to the entertainment industry for their behavioral models, and that will turn out badly. And don't even mention their parents. Parents have not been all that successful in raising normal kids let alone handicapped children.


Of course there is potential for evil in this endeavor as well. The people who are drawn to Human Services might seize upon this project for political advantage, to create obedient followers, as activists have seized the news and entertainment media to that end.