Chapter 1

* * * * * * * * * *

Heres another thought control technique: News stories stating that some troublemaker was "dragged kicking and screaming" from the place at which he or she chose to make trouble.

Of course everyone who reads this, the dumber people at least, will immediately pick up the message that it was the mean, nasty policemen who are at fault here.

That is, of course, not correct.

If you're causing a problem and the mean, nasty policeman asks you to please go away, you should go away. If you scream and kick, what is he supposed to do, say "oh, okay then, go ahead and shoot the Senator".

The mean, nasty policeman has an obligation to remove the disruptive person, by any means necessary to accomplish the task. Whatever the person does in response is his own choice; and if it goes badly, his own fault.

There are some people who actually fight to the death to avoid being taken away by mean, nasty policemen. It's their choice, and their results. They choose to die and they should be allowed the freedom of choice to do so.