Chapter 3

* * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of dogs, Pit Bulls are evil.

You see in the news again and again about some pit bull going nuts and mangling some kid or tearing some lady's face off. During the time when a TV crew was shooting a show about Jesse James' motorcycle shop, one of their pet pit bulls tore the other one literally to pieces, killing it of course. Pit Bulls actually kill more than a dozen people a year. Not just bite, maul, mangle, or permanently disfigure people; the dogs tear the people apart so profoundly that they die, blood flying everywhere.

And we don't even hear about the inner city stuff, where people use their dogs as macho symbols and weapons in their quarrels. If you can't get a gun, get a dog. Or both.

For some reason, there are people who try to deny all of this. They hope that you don't notice that there are never any stories about other breeds tearing the flesh off little kids' bodies. Never Spaniels, never Beagles, never German Shepherds, just Pit Bulls.

"It isn't the dog, it's the owner", they claim.
Oh, so all the evil owners choose to own Pit Bulls instead of other breeds?

Then why is that?

Because if you're a bad person, you want to own a bad dog. Pit Bulls and their owners are compatibly evil. Good people don't have pit bulls.


Update: Dog attacks by breed 1982-2009 have been compiled by the editor of a magazine called Animal People. Pit Bulls have three times the number of attacks as the second-place winner (Rottweilers), which have three times the number of attacks as the third-place winner. In the time studied, Pit Bulls killed 153 people. Tore 'em apart until they died.

Update: There's a pathologist in Canada, Charles Smith, who is being investigated for providing incorrect testimony in court; testimony that sent many innocent people to jail. Two cases involved pit bulls killing children. Doctor Smith testified that the injuries were due to scissors stabs, despite them being obvious dog bites and tears (revealed by a string of other pathologists in appeals).

Imagine your boyfriend's pit bull killing your little kid.
Tearing him or her to pieces, blood everywhere.
And then, you spend the rest of your life in jail for murder because the prosecutor's dog-loving medical expert lied.