Chapter 14

* * * * * * * * * *

This winter I'm working at a grocery store, hoping to learn something about the business and to be out and among people a little more. The job is very physical, unpacking and stacking all day, and it beats the daylights out of me. By the weekend I am in a coma and can do nothing but sleep.

And there's been no snow to shovel. If I had to do this job and shovel snow too, I'd be in the hospital. We get feet of snow here. But God has been kind to me.

Many things like this happen here. God just gives me stuff, all the time. Inconceivable, impossible coincidences just drop into my lap.

How can that be, since there are all these other people who want stuff too, and it's different stuff? Or it's the same stuff and I get it but somebody else doesn't?

This leads me to believe that we really aren't a world full of people who live together. We really are our selves and a bunch of external images. Each one of us is wearing headphones and a 3D vision display and everything external to our selves is a picture painted by the master intelligence, whoever He is.

It would be much too complex to give everyone things that they want if we all share the same world. I don't think that we do. The skiiers certainly weren't happy about the lack of snow. Why was I favored just at the specific time when a favor would have maximum value to me?

Maybe God is real and the skiiers aren't.