Chapter 14

* * * * * * * * * *

Consider the idea that some people like new things and some people like old things.

How about liking good things?

Some people never think outside the cultural environment that is only of the moment -- the present, current moment. Some people could have their house burn down, take one trip to a mall, and have everything back just like it was.

There is nothing special about the cultural environment of the moment. It is incidental and accidental.

If you are imprisoned by the trivial and temporary moment that you live in, you are doomed to living within the limits of whatever is in the mall or Wal-Mart today. If you want good things -- not only good tangible things but also, especially, good intangible things -- you have to expand your awareness and your choices outside the culture that you are living in just this disposable minute.

That means to read old books, for one obvious thing. Choose your furniture and clothing from all time, not just today. Look at the changing fashions in general public attitudes; this will give you a tremendous opportunity for choice and freedom.

And, you needn't jump onto new technologies unless they really make something better, which they don't always.