Chapter 14

* * * * * * * * * *

We are absolutely living in a play. Certainly not a tightly scripted one, but there are defined grooves that the course of each of our lives will tend to roll into.

So then how do we have free will?

Because we don't know our destiny. And because we don't know our destiny we have to make the choices. And because we have to make choices we have free will. If we didn't have free will we wouldn't have to make choices.

Suppose you were going to pass by the store tomorrow and you were going to decide not to pick up bread; you'll get it during the weekend grocery shopping. God, whoever It is, knows that you're going to do that. But you don't. You have to decide for yourself. With your free will.


So what now? So make good choices.

You know the basics: Be nice, learn everything you can, don't poison yourself, and keep your pants on.