Chapter 21

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Chris Rock,

In a recent interview, you said that you don't perform at colleges any more, because they have become too "conservative". You then explained that by "conservative", you didn't mean conservative. Well, I should hope not. Colleges are the wackiest left-wing organizations in the world.

So why did you use the word "conservative" to denote intolerance and bigotry? Do you think that those words are synonymous? The facts indicate otherwise.

Studies have shown that conservatives are distinctly more tolerant of differing opinions than liberals., who has actually asked millions of people whether they are conservatives or liberals, and which kind of mate they would accept, will tell you that conservatives are distinctly more tolerant. Nobody has more and better data on this question than they have.

I know of another study that found so, too, but it is a little too complicated to describe here. But heck, you yourself avoid left-wing colleges because they are so wildly intolerant. You yourself, from your own experience, know that the most liberal group of people in society is the most intolerant group of people in society.

So what does this mean? Maybe you ought to evaluate your concepts of what the word "conservative" means. Maybe conservatives really are the good guys.